Catered by Bruno is a wedding and event caterer based out of Orlando, Florida. They specialize in a unique construction style that is Neapolitan in its method. Following the Italian tradition of emphasizing simplicity and ingredient-driven dishes, the mother company, Pizza Bruno, takes care to honor this and continue in this trusted technique. Each element is locally sourced, providing unbeatable freshness and flavor. When all the ingredients come together, they are placed in a wood-fired oven, taking on a beautiful color a delicious smokey touch.


All of the pizzas that are created by Catered by Bruno start their lifecycle as dough, fermented in cold temperatures for two days, and then topped and cooked for a minute-and-a-half. They use sea salt and Italian sausage to bring mouth-watering richness to their pizzas. The final product is something that comes from the heart, building on generations of pizza artisans