Pizza Bruno was opened as a Neapolitan style pizzeria. A style that for the most part has remained relatively underground in the Orlando area. Our pizzas are a simple dough, fermented at cold temperatures for up to 48 hours, topped with the best ingredients & cooked in 90 seconds at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees. With Italian roots & family traditions, our Chef/Owner, Bruno Zacchini, developed our passion & philosophy for food. 

     Just as Italian food has always emphasized a simplicity in flavors & ingredient driven dishes, here at Pizza Bruno, we treat our pizzas the same. From the delicious California tomatoes & sea salt we use in our sauce to the locally sourced Italian sausage that we use, we pride ourselves on letting our ingredients shine.

      From day one, our chosen medium has been & always will be our wood fired oven. Fed with kiln dried red oak, our pizzas & our food take on a beautiful leopard spotted char along with a unique wood fired flavor. Pizza Bruno strives to push our creativity & raise the bar for food to bring Orlando something different & unique.